OptiStructure - Spearheading value engineering revolution in Architectural, Engineering & Construction industry via structural engineering design optimization.

OptiStructure brings to market cutting-edge in-house developed engineering optimization solutions originating from deep academic background and a diverse cluster of expertise. Offered services vary from project-wise structural engineering design optimization consultation to custom engineering optimization solutions.

OptiStructure focuses on delivering the optimal balance between construction cost, structural performance, reliability, safety and ecological responsibility.

Our Vision

OptiStructure provides integrated optimization services in structural engineering projects and tailor-made software solutions. Our strategic aim is generating added value for our clients via AI optimization solutions. Our goal is to introduce applied optimization to everyday structural engineering practice.

The Structural Optimization Computing Platform (SOCP), by OptiStructure, integrates AI technology with the leading structural design software for providing applied structural design optimization. Sophisticated in-house developed AI algorithms generate optimal structural designs with respect to client’s reference design. Optimality is assessed based on construction cost, structural performance, etc.


Structural Design

Strong academic background on structural engineering coupled with significant project experience.

Machine Learning

High-end machine learning applications for dealing with higher order complexities of modern engineering projects.

Applied Optimization

Solid experience of applied structural design optimization on real-life projects.

S/W Development

Momentous know-how in custom-based software design and coding.

Why OptiStructure

Within the Architectural, Engineering & Construction industry, there is constant pressure to deliver projects more effectively on multiple fronts. This is most notable in the desire to reduce project cost, while also consistently enhancing safety and design quality. OptiStructure is a value-added services provider to and instant payback to its clients and collaborators.

Your benefits

What can OptiStructure offer you:

Design & Consulting Offices

Own the competitive advantage over competitors, to further improve your designs in terms of safety and economy, and engage more clients. You can offer value and reliability to your clients making them better than the competition.

Construction Companies

Increase your profit by achieving the desirable level of safety and design quality for the least required construction cost. You can win and secure, profitable, business bids that would otherwise be impossible to win.


Maximise profits in a consistent basis by reducing risk and cost of your investment.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Chara Ch. Mitropoulou

Dr. Chara Ch. Mitropoulou

MSc and PhD in Structural Engineering from NTUA, MBA from EAP. Active member of the computational earthquake engineering and structural optimization communities. Chara has worked as an analyst + developer in a technical software company and as freelancer engineer on structural retrofitting.

Dr. Nikolaos Ath. Kallioras

Dr. Nikolaos Ath. Kallioras

PhD in Structural Optimization and Machine Learning from NTUA. Focused on engineering optimization, machine learning, reduced order modeling, shape and topology optimization and programming. Nikos has worked as a freelancer engineer on design of residential buildings.

Dr. Stavros Chatzieleftheriou

Dr. Stavros Chatzieleftheriou

MSc in Computational Mechanics and PhD in structural optimization from NTUA. Focused on optimization algorithms, programming, structural health monitoring and performance-based design. Stavros has worked as a freelancer engineer and constructor in design and retrofitting of buildings.

Nikolas Fotilas

Nikolas Fotilas

BSc in Economics from LSE and MBA from Insead/Wharton MBA. Managing Partner of Gulf Investor Circle Group. Co-founder of Finerd, and InvOrOut. Nikolas sits on various Boards as Executive and Non-Executive Director and is the Trustee of the Insead Alumni Fund.


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